Monday, April 30, 2012

In which my bloodwork is back

Last month I went to see my primary care physician for my annual checkup.

This was a big deal because I think it's the first time in forever that I ever went back on schedule. If I had to go to the doctor, I usually blew off the follow-up because I was going to get, eventually (and rightly), The Talk, aka, "You've got to lose weight."

But since getting to goal and maintaining my weight, I am now all about going to the doctors because it's all praise. And you know me, if I'm going to get a compliment, I will be there.

Last year my doctor was super impressed, I think at that point I had lost around 80 pounds. This year, he was over the moon. Not only had I reached a healthy weight, I was staying there. And we all know that staying there - not getting there - is the real fight. (I hate to be the one to tell you this in case you were unaware, but it is the truth.)

Anyway, I was excited to get my bloodwork results back to see how I did. I knew they would be good since I eat very heathy.

And, if I'm reading those < and > right (click for a bigger picture), I think I'm doing just fine.

This is a pretty amazing turnaround from someone who, less than 2 years ago, had dangerously high blood pressure, serious sleep apnea and was pre-diabetic, and is now a vegetarian-bootcamper-runner who works for Weight Watchers.

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