Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In which I (finally) come around on oatmeal

I swear, I may be the last veteran Weight Watcher on earth to finally get into oatmeal.

It's not that I didn't like it, but rather I didn't think it was worth 4 Points Plus for 1 cup. So many of my successful WW friends are big oatmeal fans, but I could never get over my perceived bias of the portion-Point ratio.

However, these days low on Points and high on a need for satiety, I decided to reconsider good, 'ol steel cut oats, the breakfast (or whenever) of champions.

I bought a bag of Bob's Red Mill and cooked it up. But before I got out my trusty stainless steel dry measuring cup, I headed for eTools and looked up oatmeal to see how many grams were in a 1-cup serving. Why dirty the measuring cup when I can measure it right into my serving bowl?

According to eTools, 1C of oatmeal is 234g. I got my cooked oatmeal and put in 234g. Wow, that is way more oatmeal than I envisioned via the measuring cup.

This proves two things:

1. Once again, weighing and measuring your food is the way to go.

2. I can always learn something new.

I added a little agave nature sweetener and bulked the whole thing up with 0-Point blueberries and strawberries, some White Chia seeds and tucked in. It was excellent and, even better, kept me full for hours.

Now, I get it.

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