Sunday, July 8, 2012

In which every ounce counts

There are two words I hate to hear people associate with their weight loss: "only" and "just."

As in, "I only lost .2" or, "How'd you do?", "Oh, just 1 pound."

Every loss is valuable, every loss is worth celebrating and you should be proud.

But, every week, I hear a lot of "only" and "just."

We're not proud of all our losses, are we?

We always want more, and that is completely normal and human. But it's not realistic.

If you lost 3 lbs every week, something is very wrong with you, and I am sure all of a sudden you wouldn't want to see such dramatic drops each week.

Whether it's 10 lbs or 100, whatever we lose is amazing and hard. But what we have to realize is once we lose our weight and get to Maintenance, it doesn't matter what we lost to get there, it matters that we stay there.

When you get to Maintenance, whether you lost 20 lbs or 200, the playing field is leveled. We're all in the same boat: keeping it off.

Be proud of every loss - every ounce counts - and they get you that much closer to your ultimate goal.

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