Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In which it's a tale of two Mays

Good grief, I love Before and After pictures.

Others' B&As were - and still are - incredibly moving to me. When I was losing, I would see others' photos and think, Wow, I really could do this, too.

I was at a Weight Watchers training recently and many Lifetime members were in attendance. They all brought their B&As (we love to) and when I looked at them - to a person - I would not have believed any of them were ever overweight at any time.

I just kept staring, stunned, at their Befores and them in the flesh, saying, "Really? This was you?"

I recently realized May 1 was the 2-year-anniversary of my infamous (at least to me) Before photo.

I didn't join Weight Watchers until Sept. 10, 2010, a little more than 4 months after the picture on the left was taken. I decided to enjoy the summer as a last eating hurrah, so I can ensure you that I was not any smaller in early September.

The me on the left is smiling, thinking, "Let's get this picture and get me inside because it's hot and humid and this 3X blouse is tight."

The me on the right is smirking, thinking, "I AM KICK ASS!"

I swear, I lost 125 lbs of fat and gained 125 lbs of ego.

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