Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 12 Weigh-In: Hello Points+

Great one today: -4.2 and that includes Thanksgiving. I didn't do anything special this past week, just stayed OP (on program) and worked out 4x, but I will certainly take it! Current total, -36.8. One major holiday down, one more to go.

Points+ rolled out today and, man, was my meeting packed. There were three-times as many people there and only 2 receptionists. A lot of people were rejoining, so that slowed things down considerably, plus the center lobby/WI area is really small (especially considering this Mommy & Me meeting has a lot of strollers). Plus, everyone was buying something. All understandable, but they could have used another receptionist.

Anyway, I bought the New Member Kit. It was $35 (usually $45, I think) and came with Complete Food Guide, Dining Out, Recipe Book, 3-Month tracker and a coupon good for a free Points Calculator.

Given I'm riding a hot hand, I will stick with and track Classic Points until I feel I need a kick. However, I'm going to use the new Points Calculator and track what each day would be on PP, just to see how it compares with CP. But I'll still being doing CP until I need the change. It'll also give me an opportunity to read up on the program, etc. Looks like most non-protein, fruits & veg are up 1-2 pts per serving, at quick glance. That's a bummer, as I love my carbs, but the program seems to be working for everyone who tries it. Rumor has it Jennifer Hudson lost her 80 lbs on Points+.

The only "bummer" was they gave all members - new and old - a new weigh-in booklet. I loved my old one, as it had all my stats in it. But, what's neat with the new booklet is it calculates your Daily Points Total right on your Weigh-In sticker. That's cool if you're losing a lot and your Points keep dropping. My current Daily Points - 37, up from 32 on Classic Points.

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