Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In which I share my playlist

Becca's looking for new running music and I've been deficient in sharing. But, see above (click to enlarge). Right now I'm on a classic rock/club tunes/nerdy sci-fi heroic instrumentals kick.

That's the current favorites. I usually end up tweaking or completely revising about once a month as I can get easily bored listening to the same songs three times a week.

However, I do keep my playlists because sometimes it's fun to go back, listen to them again or pick a few from here, a few from there and Frankenstein a whole new one out of old favorites.

It's funny, when I do dial up an old playlist, I can usually remember exactly when I was training for and where I was running, sometimes even down to the specific street. For example, I have an all-live-Queen playlist that I ran to while training for my first big race last May. I can't listen to it without thinking about running that race.

In a blog post for a future day, I'll cobble together my all-time running playlist. Not a bad idea as the one above is getting a bit stale and needs some revision.

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