Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In which I search for a gym

I am doing the most cliched thing on the planet: Joining a gym in late December.

I almost want to apologize to the staff when I go in: I swear, I am not a cliche. Really, I've been working out since October!

But the desire to scratch my itch to run coincides with the replacing of the calendar, and here I am. Also, I've been working out in the afternoons when my youngest is napping and I want to start working out before the kids get up. I hate having a workout to-do hanging over me all day and I also dislike having to work out with one ear on the monitor, as in: If she gets up early, workout is over.

My main goal for a gym is A) Close to home. B) Open 24 hours.

There's a great Y about 20 minutes away, but a 40-minute round-trip commute combined with the deadline for getting back home in the morning would leave less gym time than I want. There's a 24-hour gym about 10 minutes away, and since I envision working out at about 6 am, that commute would be very...OK...pretty fast.

I hope to stop by and check it out between Christmas and New Year's. I am shaking my head this is so cliched.

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