Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week 16 Weigh In

New Years is already in swing at WW, even though we haven't moved to a new calendar.

The meeting filled with new folks and the WI line was 5 people deep for the whole meeting. Getting on the scale took a long time as nearly everyone was new, so lots of paperwork and only one receptionist. Can't wait to see what it's like next week. Actually, I can wait.

-2.4, so I hit my -45 New Year's goal. Next goal: -50. Celebrated with what's becoming a new Tuesday tradition: sushi.

There was one new member who really tugged at my heart strings. I only saw her from the back, as I always sit in the last row so I can chase after my 17-month-old, who loves to run into the WI room and bug Donna. The leader was asking members for their New Year's Resolution: specific goals they wanted to achieve. We heard the regulars: feel better, more energy, better health, etc.

Then this woman, who was new and had to be north of 275, said quietly, "I want to enjoy my children more."

My heart broke in empathy for this woman. I know where she is, hell she even kinda looked like the old me from the back. I know what it's like to be tired, sad and fat. I wish I had thought of approaching her after the meeting and at least giving her a smile. I hope she knows she can do this. I'll keep an eye out for her in future meetings, hope she comes back to mine.

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