Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 15 Weigh-In: Merry Christmas to me

Great weigh-in today, -4 which means I hit my goal of 40# down by New Year's. -43.2 to be exact.

I'm very proud of this WI as I had two birthday parties and a Christmas party in the past week. I ate out, had pizza and 2 slices of birthday cake over the past week. I also ate all of my 49 extra weekly Points (for the first time) and still pulled it off.

And, today was my 16th meeting in a row, so I earned my SAS (Stay and Succeed) Charm. Attend 16 meetings and you get this charm for sticking it out and going to meetings. Many WWers come, weigh in, buy some stuff and leave. The meeting really is a key to long-term success. I didn't attend meetings after I hit Lifetime and look where it got me. I thought I could do it on my own. Wrong. Believe me, once I hit Lifetime again I will still be attending meetings every week. I just won't have to pay!

After 1 week on Points Plus I am pretty impressed, and I was relatively jaded going into it. I am naturally not a fruit or veg person, but the choices of opting for free fruit and veg vs. Pointsy carbs hasn't been too hard. I still eat carbs, but not as much, and I believe that's a good thing.

If I can lose 1.8 lbs next week, I could reach my super-secret goal of 45 lbs lost by New Year's. Not going to get too hung up on it if I don't, but I will do my best. There is that little holiday coming up in 4 days and I intended to enjoy as many of my 49 extra Weekly Points as I want.

Pros This Week

  • Managed 3 special occasions and stayed within Points.
  • Switched over to Points Plus (and didn't mind it too much).
  • Ate more fruits and veg and fewer carbs than ever before (see above).
  • Drank more water.
  • Did my first Leslie Sansone 4-miler.

    Goals For Next Week

  • Eat in control and within Points on Christmas.
  • Drink 48 oz of water a day.
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