Monday, December 20, 2010

In which I am confronted by a serious statement

While visiting with a friend today, she suddenly adopted a very serious (and uncharacteristic for her) tone.

"Melissa..." she started.

Oh, man, I thought in a nanosecond. Something is very bad.

She continued: " need new pants."

"I know. And stop scaring the crap out of me!"

I do need knew pants. The track pants in question are 3 sizes too big. But I was in my house and I am kinda lazy about getting new clothes. Plus, I know anything I buy will not be with me forever, as sometime next year they'll be 3 sizes too big.

But, yes, I need something better-fitting than what I've got now. I could get easily pantsed in a stiff wind in the current outfits.

After New Years, I'll head to Target.

I did buy two new pairs of PJ pants, which fit, but not comfortably enough for me to wear yet. I'll try them on in another month and see how they fit then, that's always fun.

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