Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out to dinner, in control

I've been resisting going out to dinner. I initially wanted to write "scared," but that sounded a little dramatic.

Regardless, I like the comfort of my home, knowing I have controlled things to the point I am unlikely to go off-plan.

But Saturday night the family was celebrating and the kids chose Friendly's, a not-so-Friendly place for someone on controlled eating. I decided in the beginning that I will not let me weight loss issues hijack my family. My issues need to adapt to the family, not vice versa.

So, off we went. I was starving as we had been out for a few hours and although that's the worst feeling to have going out to eat (if you can't eat everything you want), it is what it is. Or was.

Anyway, I held it together pretty well. I had about a half-day's worth of Points to use, so I got a gigantic salad with breaded chicken tenders (maybe 1-2 oz of chicken). Gave the boiled egg and tortilla chips to my youngest and I was OK.

Did I want a huge sundae for dessert? Yes. Did I want to feelings I would experience afterward: regret, anger, disappointment? No.

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