Monday, May 9, 2011

Bootcamp Week 5 Wrap-up: And 1

I usually post the wrap-up on Fridays, but this week it was delayed a few days because I added a third class...temporarily.

I'm going to miss a few Wed/Fri classes this month, so I decided to try and make them up ahead of time. My schedule's pretty tight, but I was able to add a 7:30 pm Monday class.

This seemed like a really good idea at 7 am last Friday. But by 6 pm Monday, after a full day of mothering and associated duties, I wasn't as excited.

I was unsure of how I'd like pm bootcamp. Yes, 6 am bootcamp is early, but at least it's done and over with by 7 am. Today, all day, You have bootcamp tonight...You have bootcamp tonight...You have bootcamp tonight was coursing through my head.

I'm not a fan of having a workout looming over me as this giant To-do all day. Also, switching my workout to the evening meant no metabolism-boosting blast-off to the day. On the other hand, that also meant no 5 am alarm, which was nice.

And there were the eating/scheduling logistics. By the time I had to eat dinner (wanting to avoid class on a full stomach), I was still kinda full from lunch.

Anyway, I went. I'm used to being in the first class of the day, so to come in and watch the tail end of another class, people going through the workout headed my way in a few minutes, was interesting.

But class tonight was good. One of the intervals was one of my favorite exercises - the bag chop, aka, beating the heavy bag with a bat. This week also featured some of my least favorite, such as the jump lunge. I don't like to jump and I don't like to lunge (think knees), so the jump lunge is the worst of both worlds. Then tonight we had the push-up walk, which was really difficult. But, I figure, next time I'll be a little bit better at it.

Overall, it was a good week of classes. I realized tonight that when I run, I'm still slow, but my right-hip is pain-free. It must be due to all the strength training and muscle-building at bootcamp.

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