Monday, May 9, 2011

In which it was a Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was my 6th Mother's Day and at last I got the gift I've always wanted: A photo with the kids in which I liked how I looked.

I realized today I don't have any Mother's Day photos with my children - my choice - because of how I looked. That's pretty damn sad.

But have things really changed since last Mother's Day.

I slept in a bit, woke up and went for a run in prep for next week's race. I ran the race route again and while my time was still the same (slow), it seemed to go faster in my head, which was nice.

I came home, was honored by the kids and then we all set off for Six Flags New England. The whole family loves amusement parks and heading out was my idea. It was a beautiful day, what a fun way to spend it.

It was also my first trip to a amusement park since rejoining WW last September, but I had a plan. I packed my own lunch, which worked perfectly. I did enjoy an ice cream cone and it was good.

We walked a ton, but when we got home I realized: I wasn't super tired like I used to be. It was hot and sunny out, but I wasn't sweaty and sticky like I used to be. My feet weren't killing me, like they used to be.

Typing of Used-To-Bes, I tried to find an old photo of me and the kids on Mother's Day, and I just don't have them. But I did find a picture of all of us, and my good friend Judi, from March 2010, just 14 months ago.

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  1. Melissa, that picture is beautiful. I am sure it is one you will treasure for years to come! I am so proud of you!