Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 35 Weigh-In

Tuesday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week.

I get to sleep in, no workout on Tuesdays. Two of my three children are in school until 1 pm. I find out how I fared weigh-in-wise. I have a clean slate ahead. I go grocery shopping with only one child. And I get to eat sushi.

Unfortunately, my youngest woke up vomiting this morning, so there went my idyllic morning - and sushi.

After school drop-off, my patient seemed OK enough to brave the 15-minute ride to the WW Center. Luckily, no one was in line, so I got in and out quickly. -1.8 this morning, bringing me just 1.6 lbs away from my next goal: -90.

I also lost a point off my Daily Points Allowance, bringing it to the minimum of 29. The bad news: I only have 29 Points a day. Good news? I won't be losing any more Points. Better news: When I decide to stop losing and maintain, I get 6 Points back!

This week brought several NSVs as well:

  • Bought a new pair of running tights, Women's(!) L - and they fit great. I love, love, love losing that X in front of the L.

  • Tried on a pair of Size 14 jeans my friend gave me - and they fit. And zipped! Not sure I could sit down in them yet, but even zipping is a big victory. When she gave them to me a couple of months ago, I couldn't even get them past my thighs. I've been trying them on once a month to see what progress I'm making.

  • I finally put my winter vest away. When I bought it in February, it zipped, but was pretty tight. Tried it on yesterday before tucking it away for the season and it's loose.

    1. Wow, you are already at 29 points! Seriously, that is so much better than 18! Even with the new PointsPlus formula, it's much better!

      Congratulations on getting so close to your next goal. You must be getting very very close to your final goal, eh?

    2. Thanks, Flo! 177 puts me back at no-pay, but I would like to try to get down to 160 and see if I can maintain that.