Thursday, May 5, 2011

In which I enjoy really ugly shoes

You'd be hard-pressed to find a shoe uglier than a Croc, but lookee here, it's Vibram FiveFingers.

I've been contemplating a pair for a while and finally pulled the trigger this week. A close friend and veteran runner loves them and swears that just from wearing in them in everyday life they have strengthened his tweaky knee and other deficient leg parts.

I love the idea of wearing shoes that strengthen your legs just with normal wear. I had a pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups, but my left arch was sore every time I wore them (and I had no pre-existing foot issues). That was a bummer, too, because they were super cute.

My Vibrams, not so much. They look like a cross between monkey feet and Hobbit feet. But, man, are they comfortable. I'm a big barefoot fan, but I would never go barefoot one inch outside of my driveway, not to mention in a grocery store (shudder).

Wearing the Vibrams, it's like walking barefoot but without the worries of stepping on a sharp rock, wet grass or something else disgusting or dangerous.

But, what are the benefits, other than looking like a freak? Click here, they explain it better than I could.

Many people are starting to run in them, but I have no desire for that...yet. Hell, running is challenging enough for me in high-tech running shoes, I can't imagine running these...yet.

Maybe someday, but for now I have plenty of other hills to climb (literally and figuratively). For now I'll just enjoy them in everyday errand-running wear.

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  1. Mike has a pair, which he bought practically right after they came out. He only does training runs in them occasionally but likes to wear them after races when he takes off his racing shoes :)