Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In which I enjoy sexy fruit salad

Who has two thumbs and eats fruit salad out of a mixing bowl?

This gal.

Is it wrong that this fruit salad turned me on a tad? It was very good.

Under the old Points program, I hated "wasting" Points on fruits & veg because WW wanted you to have five servings a day, which usually meant 5 Points spent on F&V. Five! Points! I can tell you, I rarely got to five.

Fast forward to November 2010, when Points Plus rolled out. I distinctly remember heading out for errands one day. I would not be back at the house for a few hours. Normally, I'd grab a Fiber One bar or something to tide me over. But then I remember: "Wait, fruit is free! 0 Points!"

I grabbed an apple as a snack and remember thinking: "I am 40 and have never grabbed an apple as a snack before in my life."

That was a big turning point.

Thanks to Points Plus I've been exposed to - and enjoyed - far more fruits and vegetables than I ever had in my previous 40 years. This means I have a ridiculous amount of fruits and veg on hand, which in turn leads my kids to naturally snacking on fruit more than ever.

Sure, they still eat a lot of crap, but they're kids. Veg? That's a bigger hill to climb, we'll get there. Because if I can turn into a major fruit-and-veg lover - a vegetarian, no less - there's hope for anyone.


  1. I'm a runner that's always striving to drop that last 10 lbs. I talked to a sports nutritionist a couple of months ago, and she recommended striving for 5-9 fruits and vegetables a day. If you make it, it makes it difficult to overeat. I feel like I'm always eating and full. Oh, and I'm halfway thru with that last 10!

  2. WTG, Blink! Those last 5-10 are a hard march, but it sounds like you're winning the battle. Way to stick with it! Thanks for the info, sounds good to me. I try to limit my fruit servings to 5 max because I feel like I could really overeat on fruit and the calories do add up. But I will add veg on top of that, so I bet I'm around 9-10 a day, too. I can eat a ton of veg, too, but I think the damage from "too much" kale is less than "too many cups of grapes" if that makes sense.