Thursday, March 1, 2012

In which loved ones worry about me

Twice in the last two months I've had Very Serious Talks with loved ones.

Or, rather, one-sided, well-intentioned declarations from them.

In both cases, I hadn't seen either person face-to-face in about 2-3 months.

Both times, the person sidled up to me and quietly said, "Are you still trying to lose weight? You need to stop losing weight!"

To which, in my usual eloquence, I replied, "Huh?"

"You're smaller than the last time I saw you. You should stop losing weight. You look great. You don't need to weigh any less."

To be honest, their sincere concern/worry washed off them in waves and confused me. This was not a statement people have ever had to make to me, so it really caught me unaware, especially since I'm not trying to lose weight.

Well, yeah, there's the 2-3 lbs up and down I bounce, but that's life. Hence, the title of this blog as I will, for the remainder of my life, always be losing a bit here and there.

Anyway, once I caught my bearings I replied: "Honestly, I'm not trying to lose any more weight."

"But you're smaller than the last time I saw you."

Then it hit me. "Well, I do go to bootcamp. I strength train quite a bit, that's going to make me smaller."

"Oh..." they both said with the realization. It was pretty funny as both conversations were almost identical. "Well, then, good job."

So, a minute ago I was bordering on some mental illness weight-loss condition, but since it's bootcamp (which could also be called a mental illness, LOL) it's fine.

All right then.

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  1. I really need to get my ass to that bootcamp. Especially now that I'm a fitness instructor, I feel a little pressure to look a certain way.