Friday, March 16, 2012

In which I ponder my thighs

I was supervising my youngest's bath/prune stewing, sitting on a stool out of splashdown range.

I glanced down at my jean-clad legs and thought: "Wow, my thighs look thin."

Then I realized: "Damn, I have never, ever thought that before in my life."

It's Non-Scale Victories like this that help you keep the train a rollin'.

We put a lot of emphasis on the scale, but it's really important to continue to remember it's about a whole lot more than three digits.

Make sure you remind me of this next time I'm bitching about the scale.


  1. Haha, will do.

    It wasn't until I started reading a bunch of blogs, that I realized how important (and exciting!) non-scale victories are. And truthfully, I thought the term only referred to things like waist measurements or clothes sizes, which can still be few and far between. As I realize how many different things an NSV can be, I am finding more motivation to stick with it.

  2. One of the things I most enjoyed when losing was discovering those unexpected NSVs cropping up. And it's something I still really enjoy, because even though they're fewer and far between now, they're still so satisfying.

    We walk a really fine line because on one hand, so much attention is paid to that number on the scale, and on the other we say, "Hey, you're more than a number." Which is very true. But, when you work literally all week for that number and it's not what you expected, that's harsh.

    It took me a long, long time to find acceptance in that, and sometimes the old "WTF, scale? Seriously?" emotions bubble to the top.