Saturday, November 12, 2011

In which I beat back the chocolate urge

Earlier this week I wrote about having rather, ah, intense feelings about certain snacks as of late.

Again, I find it somewhat odd that I could handle these foods on a daily basis with no problem for months. But, as of the past couple of weeks I found them calling me more and more. I didn't give in, but I knew I had to get out of Dodge if I wanted to be able to continue to state that.

So when I ran out of them, I didn't restock. And, voila, having them out of the house has made all the difference.

It sounds stupidly simple, but it works: If they are not in the house, I cannot eat them to excess.

No temptations in the cabinet, no urges, no bad decisions. I'm liking this.

I still have chocolate, for breakfast (LOL), and that's been fine. No untoward urges around my lovely LUNA bars, thank goodness.

So far, so good. My tracker looks a lot less chocolately, I'm feeling a healthy distance and I'm eating a better variety of food (mostly fruit for snacks). Good stuff.

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