Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 11: Home Weigh-In 2

So. Frustrated.

+2 lbs today, which is a real kick in the ovaries since I am doing everything I can to lose a few more pounds.

So, up 4 lbs over the past two weeks, and I'm still eating to lose, as well as maintaining my regular aggressive exercise schedule.

What the hell?

Seriously, I can't live the program any better than I am.

  • I work out at high intensity 5 days a week.

  • I drink 100+ oz of water a day.

  • I follow all of Weight Watchers' Good Health Guidelines.

  • I eat a variety of protein, fruit and vegetables and keep it low on carbs. I mix up my foods, I'm not eating the same thing over and over.

    The only thing I can think is I need to eat more. And that's a scary concept. Not that I wouldn't enjoy eating more, but common sense tells you, "Eat More = Gain Weight" and I've apparently got the market cornered on that ability, thank you.

    Currently I eat about half of my Activity Points and none of my extra Weeklies. I think I need to start eating more APs and maybe even dip into the Weeklies.

    When I ran into this problem last month (and, seriously, is this going to be a regular thing?) my trainer said he thought I wasn't eating enough and I needed to eat more carbs. Believe me, I'll be consulting with him tomorrow after bootcamp for his advice.

    'Cause what I'm doing isn't working.

    1. Mike would probably subscribe to your trainer's advice of "you're not eating enough", which he frequently runs into during periods of heavy training. I'm not exactly sure how it effects the scale, but I know that he correlates it to being to being sluggish/tired (ie - not enough fuel). I know for him it isn't always immediate, and not enough food after a tough workout can take him several days to recover from.

    2. Yeah, I think I'd second that theory. I eat a lot more than you - all my weeklies and all my activity points too. They are there to be used!