Friday, November 18, 2011

In which I eat a bagel

After bootcamp Wednesday morning, my trainer turned to me and said, "Let's figure this out."

We walked over to desk, sat down and tried to determine why I keep gaining weight when I'm trying to lose, despite heavy exercise and good eating.

His theory, as I suspected: I'm not eating enough, specifically carbs.

Since switching over to Points Plus, just about a year ago now, I've reduced my carb intake significantly (although not altogether) because carbs take up more Points than whole foods, protein, veg, etc. If you eat fewer carbs, you get to eat more. And I like to eat more.

However, my trainer said because of my high activity level, fewer carbs means my body has less fuel to burn, so I'm accidentally putting my body into starvation mode. He suggested I add a small carb twice a week, preferably before I work out or, say, the night before a run.

It's funny, last week someone mentioned having a great bagel and I thought, Wow, I could go for a bagel.

I seriously have not eaten a bagel in over a year. A regular, large NY-style bagel would take up about one-third of my daily Points - and that's with nothing on it. I told you those damn carbs were expensive, WW-wise.

Anyway, I grabbed a bag of mini Thomas' Pretza-Bagels: half-pretzel, half-bagel, all-delicious (3 Points+). I got some Weight Watchers cream cheese and for 5 Points+, voila, pretzel and bagel.

I've been enjoying one before my workouts and they are a treat.

If I get to eat a little more and actually lose like I want, that's the best of both worlds. It's worth a shot.

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