Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recipe: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Nutritionist Joy Bauer shares many a good recipe.

The last one I tried has become a favorite, filling, low-Point lunch.

When her lighter version of Chicken Lettuce Wraps danced across my Twitter feed last week, I knew I had to try it. They're a favorite of mine - and my husband's - at PF Chang's.

I gave it a whirl last night and they were wonderful. For Weight Watchers, it's 8 Points+ per serving, and each serving is generous and more than enough to fill you up. Prep and cooking time was pretty quick, too.

I had mine in Boston Lettuce leaves, my husband opted for white rice. Brown rice would be a great option, too.

My only suggestion is since I was cooking for just the two of us, I would halve the recipe. It left a lot of leftovers, which is great. Unless you're like me and the meal was so delicious it took a lot of willpower not to grab the leftover container and a fork and go to town.

I didn't, but I thought about it...

Anyway, give it a whirl, good stuff! You can check out Joy's Twitter feed here.


  1. How come the kids didn't have some too so you didn't have so much left over? While my kids don't request them, they do eat them without much issue. We make them asian style and we also make them mexican style (taco meat, cheese, etc). Mmmm!

  2. Too spicy for them - too much sriachi. I could tone it down next time and see if they go for it. Good idea on Mexican-style, thanks!