Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food of The Day

I finally got my first smart phone.

Welcome to 2007, Melissa!

Anyway, it has a camera, so it'll be easier to take everyday pics and post here without the hassle of memory cards, USB readers, etc.

In order to bump that slow scale, I think I need to mix up my diet a bit. I've been eating, more or less, the same-old same-old for weeks now and I think my body is bored. I'm not bored with the food, since what I know and like is easy, but it's worth a shot.

Today's FOTD was Pepperidge Farms Sandwich Thins, which are 2 Points+, 1 Point lower than most of the thins on the market. I toasted one up and added 2 servings (60g) of Roasted Red Pepper hummus for a great lunch. And, only 4 Points+, pretty good.

For dinner I had one I should phase out a bit: a roasted chicken patty and a 96% lean hamburger, both 3P+ and all from Trader Joe's. Added to that was a mountain of grilled veg: eggplant, Vidalia onion, summer squash and red pepper.

I love this dinner because for 6 P+ I get a trough full of food. But I eat this 3-4 times a week, too much.

Had bootcamp this morning. I haven't been posting much about it lately since the posts would all be:

Went to bootcamp this morning. Very challenging. Very sweaty.

However, I realized I've now been going for 3 months(!), so later this week I'll have a post reflecting on that.

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  1. Hi! I linked to your blog from David K's. You have had amazing success, congratulations! Being so close to getting back to your goal weight you CAN'T be frustrated with a pound a week!! Remember that healthy weight loss is anywhere from .5-2lbs and that it is harder to get the closer you are to goal!