Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 40 Weigh-In: A new life

In 40 weeks you can create, carry and deliver a new life.

Today was my 40th weigh-in at WW and the comparison was not lost on me.

I was -1.8 lbs today, a good loss to bring me to -96.6, ever closer to a triple-digit loss.

When I was entering my weekly weigh-in info at the WW website, I looked at the chart and realized, I weigh 185. My WW goal weight is 175. I am within 10 lbs!

Actually, I'm within 8 lbs. Since I am already a Lifetime member, I have to get within 2lbs of my goal weight and then I can attend meetings for free (something I pay $40 a month for currently). So, once I'm under 177, I will be No Pay.

However, my work is not done. If you read this post from last week, you know I have more goals beyond 175.

I was thinking about it today and while 40 weeks seems like a long time (and that's certainly the case when you're pregnant), it really isn't. I started WW when my children went back to school last September. Next week is their last week of school.

The school year seemed to fly, but in that time I put in a lot of solid mental and physical effort and delivered a new life for myself in terms of health and fitness.

I'm just so glad I started when I did. I don't even want to think of what I would feel like if I let that "Rejoin WW" deadline pass and spent another 40 weeks as I was. Yikes.

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