Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In which I set my summer weight loss goals

Goal-setting (short- and long-term) is an important part of the weight-loss adventure.

It gives you something concrete to work for and celebrate once you achieve it. And it can be a great motivator for staying on track when you're having a challenging time.

The combination of 27 lbs left to lose to my personal goal and the arrival have summer have me thinking about setting goals for the next 3 months and putting it down in writing - or, you know, here.

Nearing the end of the losing stage can be tricky. You're looking good and feeling great, and it's really easy to get distracted and take longer to reach the finish line.

I've been prone to that before, but I want to keep the pedal down and get to where I want to be as fast as I can.

Therefore, here are my personal weight-loss goals through Labor Day:

  • Hit 182.4 lbs to reach -100 lbs lost.

  • Hit 175 lbs to reach my WW Lifetime goal weight.

  • Hit 170 (more on this later).

  • Hit 160 (my personal goal weight).
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