Friday, April 15, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2 Wrap-up

Decided to wear my heart rate monitor to bootcamp this morning to see exactly how hard I work.

Answer: Very.

Before starting I forgot to turn off the watch/receiver alarm that beeps when you exceed your maximum heart rate. The damn watch was beeping all workout long: Stop! For God's sake, stop! Are you insane? You're going to die!

Luckily it wasn't very loud.

This week at bootcamp was great as I felt relatively competent. I worked hard and still had enough left at many of the intervals to really jam and finish strong in the last 10 seconds.

This morning one of the intervals was punching the heavy bag, wearing boxing gloves. Really, really fun.

When the 10-second warning rang out, I thought, Speed it up. I had enough gas in the tank (first station out of the six so I was pretty fresh) and in a split second thought of people and/or things I would like to punch.

I seriously beat the shit out of that bag. So much so it got the trainer's attention, and he yelled, "Melissa! Good!"

Bootcamp is expensive, but it's cheaper than therapy.

I really had fun this week and I was super proud of myself for getting it done. I feel like I'm getting stronger and my form is improving.

I've stopped comparing my performance against others in the class. Instead, I just focus on my form and doing as much as I can properly with maximum effort. Sometimes I can really kick ass in a station, and other times I do whatever I can, as well as I can. It all seems to even out.

I love the feeling of walking out of class at 7 am Friday morning, knowing I put in a great week of effort - and knowing I don't have to do it again until Wednesday.

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  1. Love it!

    I totally agree about the heavy bag - best therapy ever! I'm glad that you're feeling more comfortable with it all. You'll be an addict like the rest of us in no time! :-)