Thursday, April 14, 2011

In which you finally get a picture

This blog is heavy on words, clip art and pictures of food. But short on pictures of me.

Reason being, unlike every other self-respecting weight-loss blogger, I suck at taking self portraits.

But I was in the bathroom at Foxwoods recently (waiting for my friends, so you don't think I'm a perv who hangs out in casino cans) and was goofing around with the camera. And I actually took a relatively decent shot.

And you get to see the loudest shirt I own, which actually was nice: My friends could not lose me in the casino. Pretty sure they could see me from space.

I'll be getting my better half to snap some non-bathroom progress pics soon. Well, as soon as I can figure out how to smile without sporting my double chin. Seriously, I've lost almost 80 lbs, can't that damn thing disappear already?


  1. Wow you are half the woman you used to be and that's great!! Seriously, you look fantastic!

  2. Melissa, you look awesome! I see no double chin!

  3. Love the pic! Looking great!