Sunday, April 17, 2011

In which I continue my outside run training

Went for another outside run today.

It was sunny, but windy, and even though I changed directions on my 1/3-mile loop, I kept running straight into the wind. Not sure how that happened.

I was out for 40 minutes, running 2/3 of a mile, walking the next third, then repeating for the duration, which totaled a little over 3 miles. Pace was a shade over 13 minutes a mile, quite good for me, especially since I walked one-third of each.

My hip also felt OK, which was very encouraging.

My plan is to up my running ratio by 1/3 mile every week until I run a 5K straight through. That will help me build up my road legs and ease my hip into sustained straight running on asphalt.

I think the combination of continued strength training via Bootcamp and outside runs will set me up quite nicely for 5Ks.

Another nice bonus, today's mileage put me over the top and vaulted me into the Orange Level in my Nike+ iPod training. Now I get a nice Orange background on my dashboard instead of yellow, but it does signify I've run 50K with the Nike+.

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