Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 31 Weigh-In: Mental Milestone

I was up .2 today at the scale, but I gained something else:

For the first time, ever, in any of my weight-loss efforts I honestly was not disappointed or frustrated with an undeserved gain.

This is a big mental milestone for me.

Going into this weigh-in, I figured I'd have a small loss. I'd lost 7 lbs over the past two weeks, way too much to expect a decent drop. But when I heard Donna The Wonderful Receptionist say, "I don't consider this a gain, it's maintenance!" I really was OK.

Over the past week I made excellent food choices and ate very nutritionally. I kept my workout schedule and continued to work harder than ever before at bootcamp or on a run. I could not have done any better in either department. Obviously, my body need a catch-up week, a time to adjust to all the changes going on.

Getting an undeserved gain is usually a kick in the gut. It's like preparing for a test that's extremely important to you. You study hard every day and take the test. You get your paper back and you got every question right! Yet, there in bold red ink is your grade: D.

You feel cheated. You feel frustrated. You feel angry.

This is one of the hardest issues to deal with in weight loss. And, for a lot of us, a week like this represents a crossroads. Either you drag your disappointed self ahead and plow on, or you figure, "What the hell? I do all this work and I still gain? I'm going to eat whatever I want. I'll gain, but at least I'll enjoy it."

Sitting and waiting for the WW meeting to begin, I ticked off all of the NSVs I've enjoyed, just in the past two weeks:

  • Getting better at bootcamp.
  • Running outside.
  • Finally buying better clothes in smaller sizes.

    All great stuff that I wouldn't trade. So when you get down to it, .2 really is no big deal. It will come off and take more with it.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say this acceptance took years to achieve. And leaving the meeting this morning with this true peace of mind was far more valuable than losing a couple of pounds. I'll do that next week.
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