Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 30 Weigh-In: Whoa

I've determined weigh-ins fall into one of four categories.

There's the good, in which the scale gives with one hand or generously gives with two.

There's the bad, in which it gives you the finger, or gives you both fingers.

I've had all of these, several times.

But today, I enjoyed the rare giving-with-both-hands variety.

I didn't expect much this week as I had a large loss just last week. Going in I'd be thrilled with -2.

I stepped on the scale and Donna The Wonderful Receptionist gasps. Gasps!

"You're down 3 lbs!" she says, wide-eyed (seriously, I'm not making that up for effect). "How do you do it?" *

Can't remember what I said as I was quietly ecstatic/stunned.

I checked my weigh-in book and I weighed 204, -78.4 gone. Just 1.6 from -80 but, more importantly, just 4.1 from Onederland.

Behind reaching Goal, Onderland is my next biggest goal. It is such a huge deal. When the scale starts with a 1, even if it's followed by 99.9, it signifies normalcy and, in my case, the home stretch to goal.

* So, how did I do it? I wish I knew the exact combination of food + exercise so I could bang off 3 lbs each week, but that's not going to happen.

I changed two things over the past two weeks:

1. Bootcamp class.

2. Eating more protein. Whenever I wanted a snack, I tried to choose fruit or protein over carbs. One favorite is sliced Boar's Head deli ham or turkey (surprisingly Points- and heart-friendly). I also tried to eat a good portion of protein with each meal.

I tried to swap carbs for protein to give my muscles (which have been getting a workout thanks to bootcamp) the fuel they need to rebuild and strengthen. Don't get me wrong, I still eat carbs, just fewer than normal.

I can't quantify the exact role they played, but I know neither worked against me.

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