Monday, April 11, 2011

In which I'm associated with "the gym"

A few times a week I escape get out of the house solo to run errands.

Lately, every time I leave my oldest asks, "Are you going to the gym?"

I gotta say I like that. I really like that she associates me with "gym." The amusing part is the answer is always "No" as I do that before she gets out of bed.

One of the unexpected side benefits of this WW project is its effect on the kids. For instance, we have about 500% more fruit on hand than ever before, so the kids are eating more fruit. And there's an increased emphasis on being active, which rubs off on them, too.

My hope is my kids grow up moving more and eating better than I did as a child, hopefully helping them sidestep any weird food issues that followed me into adulthood.

And on the heels of the above, I got a similar comment this morning, at a playgroup of all places. I ran into a mom whom I see every once in a while. One of the first things she said was, "I see you at the gym all the time!"

That's a hell of a lot better than, "I see you at McDonald's all the time!"

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  1. Abby asks me all the time, "Are you going to Zumba?" She's been with my twice and today she asked if she could skip preschool and come with me! :)