Friday, April 22, 2011

Bootcamp Week 3 Wrap-up

It was another fun week of the continued beating of inanimate objects.

Today's pummeling was even better than last week's.

This morning the heavy bag was laying flat on the ground covered by a layer of Astroturf. When it was your turn at that interval, you grabbed an aluminum baseball bat, raised it over your head and, basically, rhythmically wailed on it for a full minute.

It was full-on awesome and reminded me of a scene from either Goodfellas or Casino, can't remember which. And you got to repeat the interval later.

After I got over my mob-movie flashback (the bag really did look like a body), I imagined that the heavy bag was all the weight I had lost and have yet to lose (25 lbs). Again, therapeutic.

Hard to believe I've only been taking these classes for a month (counting the intro classes). Each class I feel a little stronger, faster and more flexible. I can get through warmups quicker, but they still kick my butt (pretty sure that will always be the case).

I can lift heavier weights. In fact, this morning on my first medicine ball interval I automatically grabbed the lightest, 6 lbs. Halfway through I realized, I need the 8 lbs, this is too light. So next time around that's what I used.

But the most stunning realization came at the end of the cool down this morning. While stretching on the floor I noticed a woman had walked in, I assume she had a session with one of the trainers.

The woman was obese, a good size 24/26, exactly what I used to be not long ago.

It was Old Me on one side of the gym and New Me on the other.

I hope that doesn't come off sounding arrogant because I don't meant it to be, at all. Rather, I took it as a reminder: Don't forget.

And, as Han Solo famously said: Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

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