Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In which I pout

So, who's been feeling bad for herself? Raise your hand.

Just me, eh?

*exhale* OK, well I'm gave myself yesterday to listen to emo music and pout around and not return phone calls. Sorry, I needed a good sulk.

Surprisingly, what I don't need is a shelf of baked goods or ice cream or anything else high-Point in large portions. I don't need food to feel better.

I know, that really surprised me, too. Guess that's a silver lining to this craptacular weekend.

I realized Columbus Day is historically not a good time for me. I spent last Columbus Day puking my guts out, having caught a stomach bug from my eldest.

Then yesterday, instead of running the race to which I looked so forward, I went to BJs to buy Chobani (for me) and chicken nuggets (for the kids), then came home and mowed the lawn, after hitting myself in the forehead with the edge of the van door.

Awesome. I think I'd take the puking thing over yesterday because at least with that, I had a WW weigh-in the next day and I lost 5 lbs. If you've got to suffer through a puke bug, at least grab it the day before weigh-in, get something for all your trouble.

What's annoying me most is my ankle is, like, 90% healed. Unfortunately, the 10% I need to run is the 10% I don't have - at least not yet.

I woke up yesterday, so sad, and all I wanted to do was go to the gym and get a sweat on to feel better. But I can't go to the gym because my ankle's not ready yet. And that makes me sad, which makes me want to go to the gym... Rinse and repeat.

This is one of the Star Trek causality loops that can give you a headache if you think about it too long. So don't.

I am going to bootcamp tomorrow morning. I haven't worked out in 4 days and I am going nuts. My ankle feels good and I'm anxious to see how my Achilles is faring, too. I'm sure my trainer can give me modifications if anything feels amiss and I'd like his advice on the whole Achilles thing in general, getting back to running, etc.

I know it's incredibly self-indulgent and juvenile to be so upset about something so trivial, but it wasn't trivial to me.

I do want to thank Kelly, who left me the nicest comment ever. I'm sorry I guilt-tripped you, but if something good came out of it, I am happy. And be thankful I wasn't trying to guilt you on purpose because, wow, you wouldn't know what hit you if I did. I'm quite good at it. Thanks again.

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