Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In which it's Hell Week and I was not notified

Monday was testing day at bootcamp and today was an all-body-weight-bearing circuit, that is: No equipment.

Planks, T rotations, push-up hops, Burpee hops and all other various and sundry fun activities that had me challenged to the max.

Or, as the trainer wrote on Facebook: "Today's workout has core, core, abs, core, abs, upper body, core, upper body, core and a little more core!"

Not what my shoulders - still sore from Monday - needed.

I would not have ended his sentence with an exclamation point, as to me that signifies, "Yay! Fun!" I would have went with a foreboding ellipse...

See, I get a little cocky and next class, blam: reality check.

And this is why bootcamp is good, it keeps you honest. And sore. And strong.

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