Monday, October 24, 2011

October '11: Home Weigh-In 2

Ack, this post is 6 days overdue. Sorry. Been behind, but I will catch up.

Anyway, last Tuesday (Oct. 18) my husband had to go into Boston, which means he had to leave for work a half-hour earlier than usual. Which means I had to be back from my run a half-hour earlier than usual.

Which meant, all together now, alarm half-hour earlier than usual.

4:30 am.

I just started getting to the point at which 5 am doesn't sound horrific and here comes 4:30 am. Regardless, it was a short-term thing.

Now of all the days of the week I don't mind getting up at said time, Tuesday is #1 because I can find out how I fared weight-loss wise that much earlier than normal.

Rereading that I sound obsessed, but I assure you I am not, just extremely invested.

Anyway, down to the basement and I see 163.8 - +1 lb from the week before.

+1? At 4:40 am? That's insult upon injury, while getting flipped off, to boot. AT 4:40 AM! And I was up so early because I WAS GOING OUT FOR A RUN.

It's famously said, in weight-loss circles, "Your body doesn't know when it's weigh-in day." And that's true. And I want to reply, "Get with the program, dummy!"

Despite the previous shouting, I truly was not - and am not - upset.

The previous week I ran three times - including my fastest 5K yet (of which I owe you a blog post) - and hit bootcamp three times. And I ate within my Points and followed the program like I always do. So, I stepped off with a clean conscience.

Some weeks you do everything "right" and get hosed. Unfortunately, it's part of the deal. It happens and you press on.

Months ago, such a weigh-in would have gutted me, but not now. If you keep giving 100%, the scale will drop. It's hokey, but true: Trust the process.

And If you keep on-keepin' on long enough, that peace of mind develops and it's extremely helpful - and appreciated.

But, let me tell you, that *@&#^$ better drop next WI.

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