Monday, October 3, 2011

In which I wear a dress

I was greatly looking forward to a family wedding this past weekend, but not very excited about dress shopping.

I've never been especially girlie and dresses have never been my scene.

Previously I was concerned that wearing a dress in my size would be a little too Omar The Tent Maker. For special occasions, (like my nephew's First Communion, above) I always went with pants or long skirt (black) and a blazer (black) because I hoped that somehow the combination would make me look like anything other than a 3x.

However, I wanted to look nice for this wedding and I seriously do not own a dress. And if I did, it would be too big.

I had put off dress shopping as long as I could, when I mentioned to my dear, super-fit friend Ali the task at hand.

"You should borrow one from me," she said.

"I wouldn't fit in your clothes," was my automatic response.

"Yes," she replied, "You will."

Which is how I found myself in her bedroom trying on a selection of dresses and found that little number up top. I loved it, it looked great and I could not believe it fit.

Seriously, in all my years I have never been able to borrow clothes from a friend because every single friend I had was smaller than me. Until now.


Fast-forward to the wedding day and I was feeling fabulous, feminine and full of confidence in said dress. I may have to reconsider my opinion on dresses...

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  1. You should totally have scooped up the dresses I brought to the clothing swap!! They would have looked good on you - on me they looked terrible. You have much better coloring for the two yellow dresses. You really look so beautiful!