Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maintenance Weigh In #2

It's the first Tuesday of the month, so it was off to the official scale at Weight Watchers this morning.

I weighed in at 165 on the nose, -3.8 for the past month. Not bad given everything that went on in September, but I did want to lose an even 5 lbs.

I noted last week that I was concerned because I had a Sunday evening wedding this past week. I did great. I left the house at 2 pm having consumed 22 of my 29 Points for the day and a lot of water. I wanted to leave full and not arrive at the cocktail hour famished.

Mission accomplished. I ate this for lunch and it is great and crazy filling.

I passed on all appetizers, alcohol (and it was open bar, sob), bread and what looked like an awesome Ceasar salad.

I ate the small baked stuffed lobster entree and half a petite filet mignon, and finished with a small piece of wedding cake. Seriously, life is too short to pass up cake, weigh-in be damned. The key to everything I ate was small (or half) portions.

I went into the evening with 7 remaining daily Points, 19 APs(!) from my 8-mile run that morning and 40 Weeklies left. I had plenty of Points. Just a head's up on that run: That was an already-scheduled training run for the 10K. I wasn't trying to run forever to earn extra APs, just a note.

I left the evening full and, most importantly, not feeling deprived at all. I ate what I considered the food I wanted most and enjoyed it. If I didn't have an official weigh-in two days later, I would have also had a few appetizers, a beer and that Ceasar salad. But all things considered, I was very happy with how I handled it.

So now I am just 5 lbs away from my personal goal. I am kicking off Operation October 5.1. When I weigh in on Nov. 1, I want to be 159.9 and - finally - hit that personal goal.

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