Friday, October 7, 2011

In which there is drama

I just can't believe this.

Seriously, there had to be a hitch. Really?

Took the kids apple picking today and, schlepping all their crap back to the car, arms full of pumpkins, apples, etc., I (pardon my French) fucking roll my ankle.

Fifteen weeks of training and I hurt an ankle 72 hours before the gun goes off.

Everything but me drops to the ground and I feel it start to balloon. Trying not to freak out and collapse into a pile of goo, I get everyone to the car and driving home call my husband, asking him to come home early so I can RICE the damn thing. I hang up, then collapse into a pile of goo.

My husband came home and taped me up over the ice pack. That's what's bulging under the bandage, not my ankle, thank God.

I've been RICEing all day and will continue to do whatever it takes so I can run Monday.

I'm not even entertaining the thought of not running. It cannot happen.

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