Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September '11: Home Weigh-In 3

After last week's gain I was hot to get the scale moving south once more.

I had a good week eating- and exercise-wise and headed for the scale at 5 a.m. today content that I did all I could.

I was happy to see 166.6, which means I lost 3.4 over the past week, and 2.6 since my last official WW weigh-in on Sept. 6. I have one more week to add to my monthly loss total before I hit my official October weigh-in a week from today.

I would love another 2.4 lbs, which would give me -5 for the month. Exercise-wise, I've got it covered. There's bootcamp tomorrow, a 2-mile run on Thursday, bootcamp on Friday, an 8-miler on Sunday and 1 hour on the elliptical on Monday.

Just a quick aside on the exercise:

Do not think you have to work out like I do to lose weight.

You don't. You don't have to run. You don't have to go to bootcamp. All you have to do is move a few times a week in any sweat-inducing-type manner that you enjoy: walking, Zumba, water aerobics, fitness DVDs, whatever floats your boat and makes you breathe heavy.

I happen to like running and bootcamp, that's why I do them. Sometimes I worry people think they have to hit it hard to get results, but you don't. Just hit it consistently. And sweat. And, you know, have fun.

Anyway, the more challenging end of this week will be eating, as I have a wedding. On Sunday. Sunday evening. Ack.

I've joked with friends that since I have to weigh-in the first Tuesday of each month, I'm going to request my friends and family plan no special occasions the last week of every month. Now I think I'm only half-joking.

However, I'm going in with a plan and I will not let one evening tank my monthly weight-loss total. Even if the food is to die for. Which, from what I've seen, it is. Anyway, this is one of those Melissa-has-to-adapt-to-life moments, not Life-has-to-adapt-to-Melissa, so off we go.

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