Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In which the course is set

I am so psyched for this race.

I've been training for 14 weeks, with one week left to go. Truly, that's a ridiculous amount of time to train for a 10K; I could have prepped for a half-marathon in that time. I wanted a summer fitness goal, and the time from when I started training (late June) to the race (Columbus Day) is 15 weeks.

Regardless, I am pumped. One of the things I like about running (or walking) races is you get to wind your way on major roads through places you really love. And when you run at my pace, you have time to really appreciate the scenery.

So I am looking forward to running through the Back Bay and Cambridge with my BFFs on Oct. 10 - and having a beer or two after. Let's all think cool, dry thoughts.

Also, I adore the slogan of this race. How awesome:

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