Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In which I almost skip bootcamp

In my 5 months of bootcamping, I've never skipped a class, but I came pretty close this morning.

Yesterday I had to run in the evening instead of the morning because of my weigh-in, and by the time my husband got home and settled, I couldn't set out until after 7 pm. It was dark and raining by then, so it was a treadmill run at the gym. I ran from 7:30-8:45, not returning home until after 9 pm.

This was a problem because I usually go to bed by 10-10:30 pm. But I was ramped up from my run, so I didn't get to bed until after 11 pm, which made today's 5 am alarm quite sucky.

I apparently hit Alarm Off instead of Snooze and didn't wake up until 5:25 am. I have to leave for bootcamp by 5:45 am at the very latest, so I had a quick decision to make: Skip or go.

I could hear it pouring outside and see it was pitch black out. You could just sleep in, I thought. You deserve a rest day - you do have to run 6 miles tomorrow, why not take a day off? Or, if you must, you could work out later at home, do a DVD. It won't be a crime.

I closed my eyes and hoped that sleep would pull me back under, relieving me of the decision. By the time I wake up it will be too late to go and the decision made for me.

I closed my eyes and the next time I opened them it was...5:30 am. Frig, I'm going...I'm going.

I dressed quickly, grabbed a water and a Luna bar and headed for the garage.

I walked into the gym and there was no equipment set up, the space completely bare. This is Bad News (capital B and N) when it comes to bootcamp. It means either it's Testing (insane and not what I wanted in my current state) or it was an all-body-weight circuit.

Body-weight exercises are my least favorite because, well, they're hard. And today was upper-body/core focused - not my strongest area. We're talking planks, push ups, Mountain Climbers, crunches, etc., basically everything I would fast-forward through if it were a fitness DVD.

However, despite all my bitching, I am really happy I went. The exercises I least want to do are always the ones I need to do most. Plus, it turns out it was the last Wednesday class for one of my trainers, so I'm glad she got to put me through the wringer one more time.

Ninety more minutes of sleep would not have delivered the satisfaction I found after finishing class. Glad I made the right choice.

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