Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In which people worry: Are you losing too much weight?

Lately I've had a few friends and loved ones pull me aside and quietly ask: Why are you still trying to lose weight?

I know their concern comes from love and care, that maybe I'm going too far to the opposite end of this weight-loss spectrum: from unhealthily obese to unhealthily thin.

I understand their question and concern. I mean, compared to what I used to look like, yes, currently I am very thin. However, honestly, I'm not too "thin," I'm just pretty fit.

Bootcamp has done wonders for my body. Interval training twice a week for 5 months has radically toned my body into the best it's ever looked. I could have eventually hit 168 lbs without bootcamp, but my body would not look like it currently does, for sure.

I know 160 on a scale is just a number and that lone number is not as important as the sum of how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc.

But I like goals and trying to hit 160 is a good, healthy goal. According to the BMI scale, the healthy weight range for my height is 148-160. I don't believe in BMI, I think it's a number that doesn't take a variety of factors into account, but I still want to try and hit the top end of that healthy weight range. I mean, why not?

If I get to 160 and I cannot maintain that healthily, I will not hesitate to pick a higher number. But I do want to try. For me, it's like setting out to do a 100-piece puzzle and then, once I've put together 92 pieces, just stopping, declaring, "That's good enough."

I can put together the last 8 pieces and I definitely want to try.

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  1. Been there done that, Melissa. You do what you want to do and don't let people's "concern" influence you. Like you have said, if it is difficult to maintain at 160, you don't have to stay there, but now is the best time ever to try.