Saturday, February 26, 2011

C25K Week 7 Roundup

This was the first week in the 9-week plan in which, aside from warm up and cool down, there were no walking intervals. Just straight running.

This week called for three 25-minute runs and I completed them all. The first was better than the last two, but not every run is going to be super easy.

Next week, the penultimate week of C25K, brings three 28-minute runs. My Week 8 start will be delayed by 2 days due to a stomach bug and 2 missed gym days due to family scheduling/no-babysitter conflicts. However, I think the time off from running (but not exercise alltogether) will give my body a nice rest and recovery period so I can jam on these final two weeks.

I had my first - and perfect (read: flat) - 5K all picked out for April, only to just realize that months ago I committed to something at the same time that I can't get out of (and of which I am an integral part). Trying to wriggle out of it, but I did give my word months ago to this other event, so if I can't get out of it easy, I will have to pick a new 5K. Very bummed.

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