Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 24 Weigh-In: 6 Months In

Today marks my six-month anniversary since rejoining WW.

I missed the actual meeting due to a school vacation commitment with the kids, but I drove straight over to the center afterwards to weigh in. This was a necessity because:

A) I wanted to know how I did.
B) Since it's WI day, I don't eat or drink before the meeting, so I was starving.

I stepped on the scale and heard Donna's trademark, Goooood, so I knew it was at least a loss. -2 on the nose, putting me just .4 away from -65.

It's pretty amazing it's been six months, it certainly has gone fast.

I have lost:

  • 64.6 lbs.
  • 22% of my starting weight.

    I have gained:

  • Energy.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Self-esteem.

    My energy level is so much greater, especially around the kids, and my attitude is much sunnier. I feel happier and much better about myself. I wasn't depressed before I started WW but, regardless, life as a fat person sucks. If the world's not putting you down, you're doing it yourself.

    Life then was all about "can'ts" due to my weight. Now, it's all about "can."

    But the biggest thing I think about today is What if I didn't start? What would life be like now?

    I'm pretty sure I know what it would be like, and let me tell you, life now is much, much better.
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