Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In which cookies don't control me

Baked goods are my red-light foods. They can cause me to make bad decisions. Which lead to more bad decisions. Which lead to more guilt, more bad decisions and adios Weight Watchers.

So, as you may surmise, I don't bake much anymore.

But, I do have 3 little kids who loved baked goods, and since I refuse to turn my home into WW Boot Camp, they should enjoy their treats (in moderation), too.

When planning and shopping for Sunday dinner today, I walked past the refrigerator case and decided, "I think I can handle this today." I grabbed one of those break-and-bake packs of Nestle Toll House Cookies and put them in the cart.

I baked them. Everyone enjoyed them. And I didn't touch one - not because "It's not on my diet" (hate that phrase), but because I know where they lead. I chose not to partake. And, frankly, I decided the 4 Points per cookie could be better enjoyed on other food.

Here, three days later, there are still a few cookies left and I haven't had the urge to even consider them. I saw them on the counter and I thought, "You're still here?" Seriously, I've never seen one batch of cookies last so long in our house.


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