Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which I finally try a green smoothie

I tried a Green Smoothie tonight for the first time...and I liked it.

What makes it green? Spinach. What makes it delicious? Grapes, pineapple, 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 orange (I was also supposed to add a carrot, which I thought I had but didn't).

Since I bought my Vitamix, I always had green smoothies in the back of my head, but I never had the guts to try one because it's, you know, green. And drinking spinach? Blech.

But the nutrients are off the charts, and proponents say the sugar in the fruits neutralizes the bitterness of the spinach (or any other leafy greens you substitute - you can check out demo videos here and here).

I finally gathered up the courage (and all the ingredients), flipped the switch, poured a glass and really liked it. It's the first smoothie I've ever made that was sweet enough on its own - no need to add sugar or a substitute. It was super sweet, the orange and banana really came through - no trace of spinach. The consistency was creamy and it was ice cold thanks to all the ice cubes I tossed in before blending.

I can definitely see drinking several of these a week - and I'll have no trouble getting my 5 A Day.

And in workout news, no childcare = no gym = no run. Boo. But, I did get in a 3-miler with Leslie, which was its usual good, sweaty time.

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