Sunday, February 13, 2011

In which I realize something cool

Today was an interesting one at the gym as, for the first time, C25K got a little easier instead of harder.

Last Friday I closed out Week 5, running for 20 minutes straight, the longest stretch yet.

Today, when I looked up Week 6 Day 1, I was psyched. Instead of warm up, run 20 minutes, cool down, it was:

Warm up.
Run 5 minutes.
Walk 3 minutes.
Run 8 minutes.
Walk 3 minutes.
Run 5 minutes.

Driving to/walking into the gym I realized, "I can do this, no problem. I ran 20 minutes without stopping."

And, so I did. The cool part was, I felt good enough to crank the speed up on some intervals, too.

There's a 5K I want to run in March, which will be right after I finish Week 9. I'm concerned, though. I haven't done any road running so far due to the snowy/icy street conditions. I have to get some road running in if I want to make it through without killing my legs.

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