Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 22 Weigh-In: Anxious

So, last week I drove in a snowstorm to my meeting, only to be rewarded with a gain of .4, my first since rejoining.

It bugged me for most of the week. But I KOKO'd and had a good week, food-wise and especially workout-wise.

But, I won't lie, I was nervous returning to the scale. What if I was up again through no fault of my own? What if I'm doing everything right and nothing's working? All sorts of negative self-talk assaulted me Monday/Tuesday morning.

However, gun-shy I returned and stepped on Donna's scale. I swear the 10 seconds it takes to capture your weight takes forever. Donna gasped. "You're down so much!"

She wasn't kidding, -4.6, for an even 60 lbs gone. I hadn't lost that much in one week since my fifth WI, Oct. 12.

The skies were blue again! The birds were singing! I could have probably done cartwheels throughout the meeting room.

And, although it was awesome, it is BS. For the most part, I ate the same food and exerted the same effort in workouts in those 2 weeks. One week I was dashed, another I was walking on air. I know the scale is crap. Just a number - one number - at one exact point in time. And I know in my head it kinda means nothing, but is one piece of a larger, healthier puzzle.

But in my heart, damn, it was awesome.

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