Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 23 Weigh In: Courtesy of Ralph

I woke up Monday morning with an upset stomach. Didn't feel great, but OK enough to head to the gym. Thirty-five minutes of my 40-minute elliptical workout were good. I felt like death warmed over in the last 5, so I bagged it and sat down to change my shoes.

Then I felt bad. Got home, felt worse, got sick in such a spectacular fashion, it genuinely frightened my children who overheard. Spent the rest of the day feeling like I was repeatedly run over, then backed over, by a truck.

Ate 10 bland, cautious Points all day (I'm supposed to eat 33) and was amazed I got those down.

Cue Tuesday morning, I wake up feeling 100% better and ready for weigh-in. Because if I have to be put through the wringer of a stomach bug, I want it the day before my weigh-in.

Got to the center, stepped on the scale, -2.6. Nice! And it brings me into a new decade, the 2-teens.

When I got home and entered my weight into WW's eTools, I got the stupid warning, "You're losing weight too fast." You can read the screencap for all its idiocy. I love the part where they want you to click on a link to "learn how to lose weight more slowly." As if.

Now, onto the final week in my second 3-month tracker, meaning I'm coming up on my 6-month anniversary on WW. Seriously, that went pretty quick.

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