Friday, February 4, 2011

In which I invent a new favorite salad

I'm not a huge salad freak because lettuce doesn't really do it for me.

Sure, I'll order a salad here and there, but I never find lettuce especially satisfying as a base. But the other day I was perusing some WW online recipes and I found one for "Flatbread Salad," which basically is a salad on top of a piece of flatbread. But, the recipe called for feta (a cheese I was never crazy about until recently) and bacon, so it immediately piqued my interest.

This discovery was on the heels of a recipe I found on the back of a bag of shredded Red Cabbage. A friend brought over a huge salad to share recently and it had a ton of red cabbage in it, which I loved. So off I went to get some Red Cabbage to add to a salad, and on the back I found this:

Braised Red Cabbage

1T canola oil
10 oz Shredded Red Cabbage
1 Granny Smith apple, thinly sliced
1/4C white balsamic vinegar
1T packed brown sugar
3/4 cup crumbled cooked bacon

Heat oil in large skillet over medium high heat. Add cabbage, apples and 1/4C water. Cover and cook until just tender, about 10 minutes. Stir in brown sugar and bacon, serve hot.

Makes 4 1-cup servings.

The thought of it warm was kinda blech to me, so I just made it cold, the cabbage, apple, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar (1 pt) and bacon (2 pts). It was great and very low Point.

Eventually, the two recipes merged in my mind to result in:

New Favorite Salad

Shredded carrots and red cabbage (as much as you want)
1T brown sugar (1 pt)
1T balsamic vinegar
1 oz feta (2 pts)
4 slices Oscar Meyer precooked bacon (2 pts)
1 Flat-Out wheat wrap (3 pts) I cut it up and use as croutons on top.

That's a massic amount of food for 8 pts. What I really like about this salad is you can remove ingredients at will if you have fewer Points to spend. Some days I don't have 8 Points for this, so I'll leave out the wrap and it's just 5 Points. The bacon is a fantastic Points bargain. 4 slices is a good serving and super flavorful.

Wrapping this up, I realize this is the nerdiest post ever. Yikes. But it is good.

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